Vocal Music

I am a choir nerd, and unashamed about it! My love of singing all started with my early days in the Adelaide Girls' Choir, and then performing at the Public Primary Schools' Festival of Music - doing an awkward duet with my twin sister on the Adelaide Festival Theatre stage in 2004 = such fun! 

If music is about communication, then it just makes sense to me to use words. This is what I love the most about writing vocal music - how words and music can interact to create something meaningful. If you like what you hear, please contact me! Sheet music is available for purchase. 

Choral Music


Twinkle, Twinkle, Jane Taylor

A set of three pieces for unaccompanied upper voices, optional percussion parts in movements 1 and 3. 

Text by Jane Taylor (1783-1824), who is most well known for writing the words to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. 

Movement 1 - The Poppy (2′ 30′′) 
Movement 2 - The Violet (4′ 45′′)
Movement 3 - The Star (3′ 00′′) 

A recording of The Violet is coming soon on the upcoming debut album of Aurora Vocal Ensemble!


Street Music

For SATB choir (3′ 00′′)

Text by Lesbia Harford (1891-1927)


Humans' Nature

A piece for SATB choir and claves (5′ 50′′)

Text by me! (About big environmentalist questions.)

"Is the natural nature of humans the nature of nature? Is this naturally so? Are we so far removed? We are so far removed. Humans' current nature is destructive. But the nature of nature cannot be controlled. She is not humans' nature. This is not natural."

Please contact me for more information about this piece - it is a very special one that I would love to hear performed as much as possible :) 


Journey to Heard Island

For treble choir and piano (1′ 30′′)

Text from the diaries of Mike Bruer, 1950 (1927-1985)

This piece was written for the Sydney Children's Choir Emerging Composers Program, 2015. Listen here to the SCC "mini singers" perform the piece! 


Mal de Mer

For SATB choir, includes spoken word bass solo (5′ 45′′)

Text from the diaries of Mike Bruer, 1950 (1927-1985)



For SATB choir (3′ 45′′) [Also exists in a TTBB version]

Text by me/text by observing the weird things that are written on people’s t-shirts

Performed by the National Youth Choir of Australia in July 2015: 

Songs for Solo Voice


Powerful Wom*n

A a cycle of three songs for soprano and piano [Mezzo version COMING SOON!]

Text by Mary Eliza Fullerton (1868–1946), Lesbia Harford (1891-1927), and Elinor Morton Wylie (1885-1928) 

This cycle was written for, and in collaboration with, Adelaide soprano Cassandra Humble. We are both passionate feminists, and are interested in uncovering female voices who have been hidden by the dominant, Western telling of history. That was our starting point for putting together this cycle using text by late 19th/early 20th Century women writers. 

Movement 1 - Etchings (4′ 30′′)
Movement 2 - Legends (1′ 40′′)
Movement 3 - A Proud Lady (4′ 10′′)



A a cycle of three songs for soprano, cello and piano

Text by Pony Horseman (b. 1991). Find out more about their work HERE! 

These pieces represent to me, the internal conflict we all must feel when thinking about the values society places on us. 

Movement 1 - A Product (3′ 30′′)
Movement 2 - She Has Her Rack Out (2′ 30′′)
Movement 3 - The Woman in the Dark Box (4′ 00′′)


A Bird Sings

Song for soprano, electric guitar, soprano saxophone, viola and cello (4′ 00′′)

Text again by the amazing Pony Horseman. Listen to the recording on my SoundCloud page.  



Song for soprano and piano (3′ 50′′) [Can be easily transposed for mezzo - contact me for more information!]

Text by the fantastic Steven Oliver (b. 1975), who writes about really important things; Australian culture, racism, social justice, identity. Check him out! 


Love's Philosophy

Song for soprano and piano (3′ 30′′) [Also exists in a soprano, flute and piano version - Can be easily transposed for mezzo]

Text by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822).