Stories in the Dark

Music for award winning theatre, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017 (50′ 00′′) Majority of the score is for solo cello, with moments of voice (three mezzos, one baritone)

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music is a powerful thing: so abstract and vague, yet so universally understood. As much as I consider vocal music my major area of interest, I of course love to write and play instrumental music too! You can read about some of my instrumental work below - I will add recordings as they become available.

Anything but 4/4!

For two cellos [open string student part & teacher part] - IN PROGRESS! More movements to come… perfect for teachers who are sick of their students not understanding so-called "irregular" time signatures! The aim of these short, simple pieces is to make the irregular more regular.

Movement 1: River (1′ 00′′)
Movement 2: Daisy (1′ 00′′)
Movement 3: Ruephus (1′ 00′′)

Lament for the Reef

For piano quintet - two violins, viola, cello and piano (4′ 00′′)

A piece I wrote in 2014 about the beauty and potential destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.


A Chantar M'er

For flute, clarinet, violin, cello and upper voices (6′ 20′′) [Also exists in 2 trio versions: clarinet, cello and piano; violin, cello and piano]

Based on a melody composed by Comtessa de Dia (late 12th/early 13th century). This is the only known surviving melody written by a female troubadour (trobairitz). Troubaritz in the 12th and 13th centuries lived in the South of France, and wrote in the Occitan language. CLEAR evidence of female music making of the time :) :) :) Don't let anyone tell you that women "weren't involved".



For solo bassoon (2′ 30′′)

Composed on a return bus journey from Adelaide-Melbourne! Student work - approximately grade 5 AMEB level. Funked up! 


The Ebony and Ivory Cat Suite 

A set of four solo piano pieces about black and/or white cats. Some movements are more difficult than others, but the aim for these pieces is to suit high school students. 

Movement 1: Silky's Prelude (0′ 45′′)
Movement 2: Plumbago Tango (1′ 45′′)
Movement 3: Jasmine Waltz (0′ 50′′)
Movement 4: Larry's Tarantella (1′ 00′′)

[Plumbago Tango also exists in a 4 violin version - perfect for student string ensembles!]


Under the Fig Tree

For solo classical guitar (6′ 00′′)

Composed for my amazing grandmother. 



For string quartet - two violins, viola and cello (4′ 50′′)

Yes, the H.S.M. does stand for High School Musical. I know you were thinking it! The piece was written just after I finished musically directing a production of H.S.M. with Adelaide Youth Theatre.