"Monthly" blog...? HA!

A big, friendly hello to anyone who may be reading this! 

I just wanted to leave a little update here to say that the whole monthly blogging thing didn't really work out heh heh heh. But that's ok! I'm still writing things on the internet from time to time - here is my latest thing - https://www.cutcommonmag.com/rachel-bruerville-on-procrastination-cats-and-australian-music/. Meow. 

The article is about my latest premiere, coming up in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS ARGH, on Friday March 16th. There are fun times ahead for 2018, involving finishing up my honours study, and trying to figure out what the hell to do with my life after that! 

Until next time... whenever that may be...

Rachel 🎶 

Smiling about the year ahead :) 

Smiling about the year ahead :)