JULY BLOG! Home, glorious home. How lucky I am to have a home.

As I sit down to write this blog, I’m listening to a beautiful album: A Feather on the Breath of God: Sequences and Hymns by Abbess Hildegard of Bingen, by Gothic Voices featuring soprano Emma Kirkby, originally released (on vinyl!) in 1982. Amazing. Listen to it! Despite being an atheist, I love Hildegard. She represents to me a Fuck You to conservative wankers who think that women haven't been involved in composition throughout history. The album is serving as inspiration for my upcoming new work for the Adelaide Wind Orchestra, to be performed in December! More on that in a later post, when more of the piece has actually been written eh heh heh heh… 

The major thing that’s happened since writing my last blog is that I’M HOME FROM TOUR!!! I have been home for about 2.5 weeks now, but I still don’t feel like I’m completely here… and I am wondering when I will begin to feel grounded again. I’d love to hear from anyone who has had similar feelings, and who can perhaps describe these feelings in words that are less vague than mine. I will say that these two are helping me a lot! 

The loves of my life, in order from left to right.

The loves of my life, in order from left to right.

Since coming home, I’ve also had my first week of honours study. As I said in a Facebook post before beginning my study, I am still having some mixed feelings, but overwhelmingly the week has been a positive experience, mainly thanks to my brilliant supervisor, thank you, Anne! I’m so glad our institution has someone like you, who is connected to the real world and not wrapped up in wankademia! Another brilliant discovery is illustrated in the photo below - as seen in my head of composition’s office - ha! Hufflepuffs, UNITE!

Another thing that is making me feel at home is being back at choir!!! Thank you, Adelaide Chamber Singers - after about 7 months of NO CHOIR, my choir-nerd heart is full once more. I am also singing with a great octet of friends in a concert of Icelandic vocal music this coming Friday, August 4 - Midnight Sun, presented by Elephant in the Room Productions, as well as singing and cello-ing in my fabulous Adelaide composer colleague Jodie O’Regan’s concert of original vocal work on Sunday, August 13 (Jodie also features in Midnight Sun!). There are 2 performances: one in town and one in the hills - And In The Centre We Dance - it’s going to be beautiful.

Finally, now that I’m back, I’m looking forward to the new work that my band, Minority Tradition, will be doing. I would like to mention here that my brother-in-law, Mason, who is our lead singer, has moved back to Adelaide this year after living in Melbourne for 3 years. That's right. BACK to Adelaide! Because the community here is THE BEST!

We’re confirmed to be playing at the Adelaide Vegan Festival on the last weekend of October! I will leave you with a QUALITY RECORDING (hahaha... see my first blog about recordings) of the band's first read of the first phrase of a new arrangement of one of my SSAA choral pieces. Hear this new version first at vegan fest - mezzo-bari-bari!! We will have worked to improve on our terrible AUSSIE VOWEL SHAPES by then... oh yeaahhhhhh :)