Music and life, life and music. Music IS life!

For both myself to keep track of my music (and my life), and for you, dear readers, wherever and whoever you may be… I have decided to start properly doing this blog thing. Now! It turns out that I haven’t written a proper blog post in over a year! My aim is to do a monthly update on this website from now on (we’ll see how that goes). For now, let’s do a catch up…

A brief summary of 2016: writing music, moving house twice, administration day job struggles, some cello teaching, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Professional Pathways training program (which was just so great), a prescription for antidepressants, Accompanist’s Guild of SA’s Piano in Chamber Music Composition Competition joint win! Beautiful children’s theatre, an incredible season of National Youth Choir, proofreading Caellyen’s (husband’s) thesis, a really, really shitty Centrelink Newstart Allowance and Job Service Provider experience, Christmas casual retail work at LUSH in Rundle Mall, 3 first prizes at the Australian Society for Music Education’s Young Composers’ Award… HAPPY NEW YEAR! Whoop whoop whoop. :) 

So, 2017! Caellyen passed his thesis and graduated earlier this year with a Bachelor of Social Work, HONOURS! Unfortunately, I missed the chance to attend the big, fancy graduation ceremony with him, as I was on tour at the time with the fabulous company of Emily Loves to Bounce, by Patch Theatre Company. As I write this blog entry, I am still on tour - this incredible national tour is how I have been spending the majority of my time so far this year. We started in March (our first stop was Alice Springs) and have been touring on and off since then. We’ve been bloody everywhere, it’s been incredible! From Townsville, to WA, to Hobart… so many beautiful places that I’ve never had the chance to visit before now, and so many amazing and well-resourced theatres. Gives me hope!

As amazing as all this touring has been, I am so looking forward to being home in Adelaide for the long term. Moving around the country so much makes me appreciate my home in Adelaide even more than I already did. No moving to Melbourne for me!!! (As so many colleagues and friends seem to have done recently… grr). 

So. I will be back in Adelaide for good on July 13, and then, my big news for this post is that I am beginning my honours year of composition studies at the Elder Conservatorium on July 24!!! The con has undergone quite a few changes in the year and a half I have not been studying there… it will be interesting (to say the least) to observe what the vibe is like now… BUT! The definite positives are that I will be supervised by the brilliant Dr Anne Cawrse, and will be working with the Elder Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra under Dr Luke Dollman to create some FUN, NEW WORK! I’ve got lots of ideas (that need refining…). I promise to tell you more about them at some point, but I will say now that I have been TOTALLY INSPIRED by a recent gig I did with Paul Rissmann and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra: The Chimpanzees of Happy Town. The best titled family concert ever. 

If you have not heard the name Paul Rissmann before, do yourself a favour and click this link right now! He is one of the kindest, most unpretentious, articulate, approachable and generally brilliant humans I have worked with. I had the privilege of leading the sing along for ‘Happy Town’, while Paul narrated his own work, WITH the freaking ASO, conducted by Graham Abbott - it is so hard to make definitive statements like this… but… I think (?!) it was the best gig of my life so far. WOAH. Here is some photo evidence that it actually happened!

Paul, I think I love you.

Paul, I think I love you.

I could blabber on about lots of other things right now, but I feel like this post is losing structure already. Since I will be doing the monthly blog post thang, I’ll have plenty more opportunities to blabber on. So thank you, internet, for giving me this opportunity to freely create a public persona which will hopefully result in people becoming interested in what I do, which will hopefully result in meaningful conversations and the making of meaningful art. 

Until next time… :)