Music degrees, yay!

I have recently found out that I will be accepting my piece of paper in April of this year! But, what does a music degree actually mean to me at this time in my life? 

Being eligible to graduate with a music degree provides me with a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. Oh yes, and I’ve learned lots of things about music and life that are not really quantifiable. And the last three years have mainly been about me thinking CRAP, there is so much to know about and I am never going to be able to know anything…

I think it’s common knowledge that a bachelor of music in composition is a vague thing. Sure, it provides opportunities for postgraduate study in various areas, it can show to employers that you’re committed and “academic”, it proves that you have covered various core topics relating to your specialisation, and can hopefully assure future colleagues that you have a strong knowledge base in your area… but see! Vague! So vague! 

It’s not like I’m now magically qualified to write music. Anyone can write music. 

My aim now is to embrace the uncertainty. What does that actually mean though? Who knows?!

All I do know is that my life will be spent trying to communicate meaningful ideas effectively through music as much as I can, and committing to three years of full time study in this area was something I felt like I had to do, and something that, so very fortunately and luckily, I have had the opportunity to do. 

In the short term, the next four months will be spent:

- Doing some fun Fringe shows - musical theatre and disco, wow, what is not to love? Note: that was not sarcasm. And neither was that! 

- Taking some composition lessons with a fantastic teacher, whose music you should go and look at right now! - 

- Working with Aurora Vocal Ensemble on our new CD(!!!), which features my work!

- Singing with the amazing Adelaide Chamber Singers

- Getting some more of my work recorded - more news on this soon :) 

- Participating in the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra professional pathways program

And probably most significantly… 

- Working a day job in (non-arts) administration for 4 days a week, which takes up a lot of my energy, but is something I’m happy to be doing in the short term to support my husband studying his full time honours year in social work (So proud! So amazing!). 

Then in July, singing for the third year in a row with the National Youth Choir of Australia (yay!), and, the most major arts career related thing that has happened to me so far, starting a contract with Patch Theatre Company!! More on that later in the year :)

Could I be doing all of these things this year without having studied at the Elder Conservatorium? Honestly, no! And I guess that’s my conclusion.

Music degree = yay!