Hello! My name is Rachel Bruerville. I am a musician working and living in Adelaide, South Australia. I cannot help but cringe when writing biographies...

If you are looking for an actual biography, please contact me via this website or my Facebook page and I will happily send you one! For now though, I would just like to say to anyone who may be reading, that music is my great passion. It is such a powerful communicative tool, and I am going to be spending my whole life trying to communicate important ideas through music as best I can! 

Have a look around my website and blog, and have a stalk of my Facebook artist page to really get to know me, how I think, and what I do (the Facebook "Rachel Bruerville Music" is updated much more reliably that this website is!) - you will find out more this way than if you just read a pretentious biography - (I really don't like bios, okay?!). Please contact me if you are interested in chatting, collaborating, or commissioning :) 

All photos by Amy Herrmann